Demo 2012

by Sike

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released February 24, 2012

recorded live at Zvukoceh 23 February 2012



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Sike Киев, Ukraine

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Track Name: Boy
With every next word you're getting further away. I'm sick of your excuses - is it all you can say?. Say you gained freedom and I'll say you've gone astray: ciggies and booze just to get laid. No matter what you say - you're getting further away. This forged diversity makes your life become gray. Starting to drink because your girlfriend left? Or just to get another one when you've got no fucking rep? You must be kidding me. I see the end when you talk about a beginning. Just another trend with no good meaning. Yeah, it's a personal choice based on your own feelings but in this fools parade you look just too silly, boy.
Track Name: Won't Break My Stride
There is one thing you should know: I'll never dig your stupid rules. So save those fucking words, I've heard 'em all before from the same dull fools. You won't break my stride. Won't slow me down. Don't try to confuse me with vision built on mediocrity. I'm not of your kind and I'll never be. So please, pay some respect or just stop bugging me. You won't break my stride. Won't slow me down. And your stupid words won't make a sound. You're only young once so stick to what's right. The only voice you should rely on is placed deep inside.
Track Name: Unless We're Pushed
It started with some drunks in the pit. It's ok to drink you have to deal with it. But when one had too much and something's going not right push comes to shove and there's a fight. Came to this place just to play, hung around the city on a sunny day. And nothing pointed to the shit ahead. A bunch of fucking bullies was what they had. Always trying to avoid the hate. We've got what it takes. Always got to keep the PMA. if it's not too late. It's time for us to unite and show them our best fight if there's nothing else to choose. With all our strength, with all our pride. And we won't lose. A modern love story: a girl and a guy competing for a title of the drunk ass of the night. Slamming in the pit like a cow on ice. A fucking clash was just a question of time. They start beating the shit out of each other. We were trying to help, but were jumped by a bunch of other whelps. The next I saw Den pressed into the side of a van - It was some 8 of us and the rest were them.
Track Name: The Parasite
You may think that I am blind but I’m familiar with the waste of your kind. You’re just a parasite. Don’t try to score using a perfect image with a rotten core. You’re just a parasite. Trying to live by using someone else's force. Now you and I collide. This time you picked up the wrong source. It’s time to bring you down. The ignorance you have inside is written across your face. So you won’t be able to hide this shit behind the shiny mask of “the superior race”. Тhe spurious shit you’re trying to spread only makes sense in your dumb head. You’re dealing with stuff you will never get. So stop doing this or you will regret. That’s how you want it. And now you got it.
Track Name: Through It All
World we’re living in is such a wicked place. Every day turns into a new war for the human race. Streets are filled with rage, hatred, violence and greed. Constant acts of force is the only way to proceed. Sick of watching my life simply fading away. Gotta get some action to not to sink in these waves. Days are going by and they only cause more pain. The rhythm of our life is driving us insane. But we gotta stay above all the shit going by. Stomping through this madness to keep our consciousness alive. As we go through it all. We gotta keep direction, gotta stay in control. Through it all. We must maintain ourselves until the world falls. Stay deaf to every command that comes from filthy mouths of stupid regulators, the so called “ruling class”. They set these bloody rules only to keep us enslaved. But we will bust them down and self-decide our fate.
Track Name: Voice On The Wall / Graffiti Stomp
Thirty years old and still stoked like kids. Writers United are back on the streets. There are haters to hate and there are cops to oppress. But we can't be stopped when we're here to express our voice on the wall. It doesn't have a face, it doesn't have a name. You may pass one level but you won't win the game. You may clean the wall or paint over the train but you can't stop the color rain. Writers United are back on the streets.
It was a summer day, the sky was clear and bright as we were walking down the street, carrying our bags full of cans and caps, listening to the funky beat. The weather was so good and the paint was nice and the place was really ill. We did our masterpiece - it said "Fuck The Police" and now that is how we chill.
Track Name: The Difference
Back in the days of past my life was a total mess. I was wasting day after day like everybody else. But then I learned some difference, a new way to see the world. I’ve realized that I won’t follow the bullshit I’ve been told. I thought you felt the same because you’ve pointed it out so much. So much you’ve said about “words set in stone”, about the “human touch”. But then you’ve started to talk shit about growing up and getting wise. And soon you’ve drifted far away, you’ve closed your fucking eyes to things you saw so well. So, what was it about, man? Just a way to waste some time? But it’s clear that all you said was not worth a fucking dime. Time has gone and now I see: there’s a difference between you and me.